At the foot of the Andes there is a paradise to be discovered in western Los Llanos of Venezuela. This is an area with many cristal waters rivers that originate in the glaciers of the Sierra Nevada de Merida, all of great purity and cleanliness and perfect flow for practice whitewater sports. It is a paradise for those who love boating and is a place that captivates any visitor with its beautiful landscape . The small town of La Acequia is the place where the activity has been developed and has become a worldwide reference, is where are located the most popular camps for practicing rafting and whitewater kayaking. Many of its young people have years of experience as rafting pilots and many of them are part of the national rafting and kayak teams of Venezuela. This are our tours guides, who are always professionally involved in ensuring the safety of all our participants.

The rivers to be navigated are the Acequia and Siniguis . Level 3 and Level 4 respectively, with excelent rapids, great surroundings, caracterized by inviting natural pools, a lush green nature and a variety of birds.

The featured camp on this tour has an excellent location on the banks of river Siniguis. It's also a perfect place to unwind from the day, offering opportunities for rest and relaxation. Read in a comfortable hammock overlooking the Sierra Nevada, resting on the banks of the river, having a refreshing beer in a " hut " in the middle of a small forest, are just some of the treats you can give yourselve here. Also in the vicinity of the camp there are many opportunities for trekking routes and cycling mountain if you are more of the active type.

So, do not hesitate to join the practice of this exciting extreme sport, an excellent and unique opportunity for contact with nature. Here you can prolong a tour of Los Llanos or you can come to spend a couple of days combining adventure and tranquility in the prairies, rivers and valleys of Barinas .


Duration: 2 days y 1 night

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

The route described here begins with the arrival at the camp in the village of La Acequia, which is located approximately 1 ¬Ĺ hours from Barinas. Depending on the location of Venezuela in which you are we can help you arrange the most conveniet transport. The cost of it will vary according to the place of origin. Most of the major cities of Venezuela have bus connections to Barinas. And from there we organize transfers to camp. Participants of our tours to Los Llanos who have chosen the rafting extension,¬†will be transfered to the camp¬†at the end of the tour.

Day to day program: 
  1. Day 1: Today at noon we arrive to camp in the village of La Acequia, once checked in, we will have lunch and a presentation of the activities by our assigned guide. After we'll go on an exciting ride through the treetops in a fun system of "ziplines" and try ourselves on a climbing wall. After this we are up to our first contact with the water! we'll go for a short (1 1/2 hour) rafting ride on the Acequia river. We return to camp for dinner. At night you can enjoy a cold beer in the camp hut. (L / D)

  2. Day 2: We start the day with a good breakfast, that we'll certainly need! The river takes a lot of energy!. We will go on a tour of rafting throughout the morning, the jump off point is next to the camp and we'll ride the river Siniguis continuing with Acequia. During the tour we will stop to swim, relax and enjoy thrilling jumps into the river. Return to camp for lunch. A little rest and return journey at the stipulated time. (B/ L)

Tour price:


For Rafting you'll need:

You can copy and paste this list into a text file and use it as a "checklist" before the trip 

  • [ ] Original passport or identity¬†
  • [ ]¬†Swimsuit¬†
  • [ ]¬†Sun protection (cream, sunglasses and hat)¬†
  • [ ]¬†Toiletries¬†
  • [ ]¬†Sweater, pulover¬†for the night¬†
  • [ ]¬†Sneakers and sandals (your need to wear your shoes during the rafting so they'll get wet, bring an extra pair in case they don't get dry
  • [ ]¬†Towel¬†
  • [ ]¬†Insect repellent
  • [ ]¬†Waterproof equiment such as gopro cameras are highly recommended

Our rafting tour includes:

  • Transportation in 4 x 4 vehicles from the town of Acequia to the¬†camp (located 14 km from the main road)¬†
  • One (1) night accommodation in double or quadruple rooms with private bathroom
  • Specialized rafting guide¬†
  • Drinks and Meals as specified in the program (B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner)¬†
  • All activities described in the program: 1 x short rafting (Acequia), 1 x long rafting (Siniguis), 1 x Climbing on artifitial wall, 1 x Zipline.

Our rafting tour doesn't include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Any form of transportation or activity not described in the program


This itinerary may change depending on weather conditions at the time and the influx of visitors. The rafting season goes from: May to December

The rafting despite the quality of our equipment and the experience of our pilots, responsible for our security, is an extreme sport, and there is a risk of accidents and injuries. The practice of this sport is under strict liability and risk of each of the participants.

The stay at the camp can be extended with an additional cost per nights of accommodation with meals included, we recommend it for people who want to rest and relax in a natural environment of great peace and tranquility. There are also options for additional activities such as: mountain biking, hiking and trekking, bird watching, individual or tandem kayak, etc.

Possible combinations:

The rafting trip can be seamlessly integrated into a safari to Los Llanos (+3-4 days) combined with a trip to the Catatumbo (+2-3 days), or with Mountain Bike Tours (+1 or 2 day) and the rest of the surroundings of Merida (+2 or more days). Ask us about these possible combinations in order to enrich your visit to this beautiful region of Venezuela!