Laying on the eastern half of the territory occupied  by the Canaima National Park, with an area of ​​10,800 km2, is a region where we find the oldest geological formations on earth: 2.000 million years of tectonic activity and erosion have resulted in a landscape  full of special formations, valleys, rivers, plateaus known as "tepuis", waterfalls and natural baths that host to countless species of flora and fauna. Since the opening of the national road #10, which connects the major cities of Bolivar State with the Brazilian border, the visit to this beautiful region of the country has popularized. It has been the setting and inspiration for movies and documentaries about the prehistory, including Jurassic Park and the popular novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World". Come along and enjoy yourself in a landscape that can only be described as magical!

Our hosts are the indigenous Pemón known for their hospitality and their workship, through the learning of their traditions and cosmology, we’ll expand our vision and sensitivity to this unique landscape in the world.

Here we describe our basic itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights, during which we will cover the main attractions. We can organize more extensive tours as required by our travelers.




Length: 3 days and 2 nights
Difficulty: Easy - All travellers 
A relaxed itinerary to enjoy the marvelous sites of La Gran Sabana
Day to day program: 
  1. Day 1: Santa Elena - Kamoirán Rapids: Departure from Santa Elena to start our tour of La Gran Sabana, our first destination will be The Jasper Creek, just over half an hour of Santa Elena, and within the limits of the National Park Canaima. This picturesque waterfall in the middle of the forest consists of a gigantic rock of pure jasper, we’ll take a refreshing bath. Continue our journey to Soroape, where we have some beautiful natural slide and creeks in which we can also bath. Bathing and lunch. Our trip continues to Quebrada Pacheco, where we meet a variety of insectivorous plants and enjoy its natural pool area with spectacular views and a large stream of water. Our next destination is the viewpoint "El Oso" a sacred meeting place, between the Pemón and their deities. It offers wonderful views of the savannah and the eastern cordillera of the tepuis. Then visit the amazing Salto Kama and in the evening we will go to the Indian camp at Kamoiran Rapids, spend the night. (L / D)

  2. Day 2: Kamoiran Rapids - Aponwao - Kavanayen: After breakfast we’ll hit the road all the way to the town of Iboribó. There will manage with the natives of the area a trip to the highest waterfall of La Gran Sabana, the Aponwao Falls, with a spectacular drop of 107 meters. We'll look from the base to which we can descend on foot. Lunch and then continue our journey to the village of Kavanayen, before stopping to appreciate the beautiful views of the valley with the same name. Kavanayen is a small Pemón village a former Spanish mission where monks lived together with the natives of the area. It has some interesting stone buildings very particular within the indigenous architecture of the area. Kavanayen means "place of the cock of the rocks " We spend the rest of the afternoon here doing short walks, dinner and overnight. (B / L / D)

  3. Day 3: Kavanayen – Curtain Falls - Santa Elena: After breakfast, we will head to Salto Kawi, a spectacular set of waterfalls and wells all formed on eroded Jasper brownstone. There is a natural springboard and the most daring can jump into the water from 8 meters! We will then towards the town of San Francisco de Yuruaní, where we have lunch and buy souvenirs. We will make more stops in viewpoints and waterfalls, to reach the spectacular Salto Cortina! A unique experience for thrill seekers, walk behind a waterfall flowing, of course, taking into account all precautionary measures and respecting the rules and tips of the guide, who will decide whether or not secure enough. Then continue drive to Santa Elena, where the tour ends. (B / L)


You can copy and paste this list into a text file and use it as a "checklist" before the trip
  • [ ] Passport or original identity document 
  • [ ] Swimsuit 
  • [ ] Sun protection (cream, sunglasses and hat) 
  • [ ] Anorak - or rain jacket 
  • [ ] Flashlight 
  • [ ] Hiking shoesand sandals 
  • [ ] Towel 
  • [ ] Light clothes and a long-sleeved garment for nights 
  • [ ] Insect repellent . Against jejen or " puripuri " as is known the sand fly in Gran Sabana, we found that the mixture of baby oil and a vial of vitamin complex "B " is undoubtedly the most effective repellent . Approx 100 ml baby oil , 1 vial of injectable B complex. You apply it directly to the skin, It wont be the best fragance you'll wear but it'll keep you save from the annoying "puri"
  • [ ] Ensure sufficient charged batteries and storage for photographic equipment to cover your trip. (Generators are not always available)


  • 4 x 4 vehicle transportation during the three days
  • Bilingual guide
  • Drinks and all meals indicated in the program (B: breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner)
  • Radio communications in emergencies and first aid.
  • All activities described in the program.
  • 2 nights accommodation in twin rooms with 2 or more occupants.


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Any form of transport or activities not mentioned in the program.


  • This itinerary may change depending on weather conditions at the time and the influx of visitors. This region can be visited throughout the whole year
  • It is forbidden to collect rocks, plants and other living species within the National Park, we strongly urge the participants of our tours to follow these rules. Let's not spoil this very special environment.
  • The tour departs from Santa Elena de Uairén. Transportation to Santa Elena is not included in the price. Do not hesitate to ask about the various transport options we can offer. You can also specify in your booking where you would like to start from.


The Gran Sabana tour can be combined with a visit to the climb to Mount Roraima (+5-6 days), a tour to Canaima & Angel Falls (+2-3 days), the Orinoco Delta (+2-3 days) or the Caura River (+5 days). Depending on your available time and interests we can help you out desinging a combination of tours, so you’ll get the most out of the region!