Our Mission

Being a natoure and adventure tourism provider in Venezuela , with a national and international scope , specializing in both the diversity of natural destinations in the country and the diversity of requirement levels of the traveler. We want you to feel that all travelers can find in our offer the service that suits their travel style, interests and budget . With a responsive and quick , efficient and convenient management because our focus "On line" will allow the traveler, the organization of their experience in Venezuela from the comfort of your home or office . Our mission is to be a trusted friend for the traveller before his/her arrival in the country, characterized by personalized attention and a contagious passion for the natural beauty of Venezuela .

Promote Venezuela within the venezuelan travellers as well, presenting them to the Venezuelan in an accesible way, emphasizing the importance of good knowledge of our country to live in a ever more positive and productive way the reality of the country .

Contribute to tourism development in Venezuela, promoting new destinations, so the number of involved areas in toursim is greater.

Efficiently operate tourist services where over the years we have specialized: Coro and it's surroundings, Los Llanos , El Catatumbo , always innovating and diversifying the type and quality of service.