Flights International and Domestic

Venezuela has good connections trough both, domestic and international flights, which is an alternative to consider to overcome the long distances that often separate a destination from another.

  • Domestic flights : Caracas Airport operates flights to major cities in Venezuela , so if your international flight arrives in the country during the morning or afternoon , it is easy as you can connect to a domestic flight you avoid having to sleep in Caracas. If you travel to the southeast of the country with the intention of visiting Canaima , La Gran Sabana , Roraima , you can fly to Ciudad Bolivar ( CBL or Puerto Ordaz ( PZO ) , the latter with more frequent flights . if you go to the Orinoco Delta , you can fly to Maturin (MUN). The airport serving Margarita is Porlamar (PMV). If you travel to Los Llanos the indicated ¬†airport would be¬†Barinas (BNS), and flying to the Andes it's possible trough two airports:¬†Merida (MDA ) and El Vigia ( VIG )¬†
  • International flights: Venezuela can be a practical connection point to other South American countries and the Caribbean, we can book flights from Caracas to the following destinations : Buenos Aires , Quito , Guayaquil , Lima, Santiado , Sao Paulo , Bogota , Aruba, Curacao , Panama , Havana and Mexico City, among many others. In addition there are direct flights to major cities in North America and Europe.¬†To receive a quote fill out the form. All fields are required to ensure the accuracy of the booking.¬†BOOK