Need accommodation in major destinations in the country? our booking service offers you a wide range of accommodations ranging from rustic campgrounds, to major hotels in urban centers. We know that during a trip you will make use of different types of accommodation, our offer is as diverse as that. We are part of an extensive network of inns and lodging for a family friendly accommodation experience that does not neglect the level of service. 

Book trough us at: Caracas, Choroní and Puerto Colombia, Chichiriviche, Coro, Merida, Los Llanos, Ciudad Bolivar, Santa Elena de Uairen, Maturin, The Delta, Porlamar, Paria, Mochima, among others. Contact us indicating the destination, date and type of service: Low cost - Standard - Superior - Vip. We'll gladly help you find the property that better suits your needs.