Set amidst the Sierra de Pacaraima in the border area between Venezuela - Guyana and Brazil , is the mysterious sister mountain of Roraima: The Kukenán "tepuy" (flat top mountains from La Gran Sana ain Venezuela) , one of the largest in the Canaima National Park and La Gran Sabana. Full of mysteries, intrinsic to its rock formations and cracks at the top product of millenial erosion, makes it complicated for guidance and orientation, that's why many of the Pemon local people had a fear and respect for this climb. With 2650 meters of altitud the Kukenán or Matawi as it is also known, has 20.63 km2 of surface. Its name is due to a great waterfall that runs along it's wester wall and can be seen from the camps at Rio Tök, and incredible sight, 610 meters of runing water, the second highest in Venezuela.

On the northwest wall of Kukenán is the "big crack" which is 250 meters deep, and that will be our goal in the expedition. This top has been little explored, which makes it a unique and exclusive adventure; not to mention the spectacular sights you'll have from the camp of the amazing Pacaraima range of "tepuys".




Length: 7 days and 6 nights
Difficulty: Medium - Hard - good physical conditions recommended
An amazing 6 days trek to the summit of one of the most unexplored tepuys!
Day to day program: 
  1. Day 1 Ciudad Bolívar / Paraitepuy: On this day we leave from Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz first thing in the morning, heading to La Gran Sabana, the route will be about 700 KM and will take us all day, around 8 or 9 hours. We will make a stop at the interesting bridge over the Cuyuní river designed by Gustav Eiffel's company, the same that built the Eiffel Tower, our journey will continue towards the village of Las Claritas and KM 88, then we'll get into the Sierra Lema range, after reaching the altitude of 1000 m, we will be entering the unique landscape of the Gran Sabana. Arrival in San Francisco de Yuruaní at around 18:00, accommodation in basic posadas or cottages in this town or in Paraitepuy, the point of departure for the trek.

  2. Day 2 Paraitepuy / River Tek: We leave Paraitepuy at around 7 am. for a 10.4 km walk to the campsite at River Tek, it will take us about 5 hours of walking. The route will be slightly down and have unforgettable views of Roraima tepuis and Kuken√°n. Upon reaching the river Tek, we can take a refreshing dip in the river, relax and enjoy the views of Kuken√°n and its amazing waterfall. During the tour we will eat a light meal (snack) and in the evening we will have our main course to build up energy for the next day. (B/L/D)

  3. Day 3 River Tek ‚Äď Cueva de Los Espa√Īoles: Another 5 hours of uphill hiking will take us to the "Cueva de los espa√Īoles" "The spanish cave" here is our base camp previous to the final ascent to the plateu, great views from this point towards the savanna and the wall of Kukenan. We'll set our camp and enjoy a nice dinner (B/L/D)

  4. Day 4 Cueva de los Espa√Īoles / Kuken√°n Summit: the hike will start early morning, after breakfast we'll walk into a peculiar cloudy and humid jungle, walking along impressive rock formations which we must pass over to reach the top of the tepui Kuken√°n, upon arrival we'll serch for a "hotel" (local way to refer to caves which are used as campsites) hotels, dinner and rest. 4 to 5 hours walking. (B/L/D)

  5. Day 5 The Great Crack: We'll start our exploration of the summit, we'll get walk by rivers with high content of minerals and amber and unique rock formations. We'll walk east to west direction to reach our goal of the day "the big crack" of Kukekan. Once in the camp we'll enjoy a spectacular view of Yuruani, Wadakapipue, Il√ļ and Tramen tepuis, the most emblematic of La Gran Sabana. Dinner and rest. (B/L/D)

  6. Day 6 The Great Crack / River Tek: After brakfast we'll leave the camp in the direction of the hotels, to start our descent to river Tek, Arrival at mid afternoon. Dinner and rest at the camp. The camp at River Tek is lively and the views are great, a great way to say good bye to this mighty mountains. (B/L/D)

  7. Day 7 River Tek / Paraitepuy: Today we walk from the river Tek to Paraitepuy, the hike will take us about 6 hours, because we have a slight rise from 1150 meters to 1200 meters. Once at Paraitepuy we'll take the vehicle that will take us back to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar. This drive we'll take us about 8 hours and we expect to arrive at 21:00 at nght . (D / A)


You can copy and paste this list into a text file and use it as a "checklist" before the trip
  • [ ] Passport or original identity document
  • [ ] Swimsuit
  • [ ] Sun protection (cream , sunglasses and hat )
  • [ ] Raincoat (if covers the backpack much better)
  • [ ] Anorak - or rain jacket
  • [ ] Flashlight
  • [ ] Closed shoes either hiking - trekking, thick socks and sandals preferably of the robust type to alternate with the shoes
  • [ ] Towel
  • [ ] For the walk light Clothing : We recommend a single change for every day, you will be able to wash the dirt away in rivers. During the rainy season this will get wet every day, get used to this idea, as is the¬†key to avoid having several changes of wet clothes that would result in additional weight in the backpack.
  • [ ] Clothing for cold nights since the temperature can drop down to 10 or 8 degrees celsius: Fleece jacket or pulover. We do also recommend the lycra runnig pants, as they take very little space and can be warm.
  • [ ] Insect repellent . Against jejen or " puripuri " as is known the sand fly in Gran Sabana, we found that the mixture of baby oil and a vial of vitamin complex "B " is undoubtedly the most effective repellent . Approx 100 ml baby oil , 1 vial of injectable B complex. You apply it directly to the skin, It wont be the best fragance you'll wear but it'll keep you save from the annoying "puri"
  • [ ] Ensure sufficient charged batteries and staorage for your photographic gear ¬†to cover the 6 days.
  • [ ] Plastic bags of several sizes to protect your gear from the rain¬†.
  • [ ] Sleeping Bag
  • [ ] Mattress
  • [ ] Sweet or energy bars
  • [ ] A utility knife
  • [ ] Necessary medical treatment for the hiker if necessary. Report any medical condition at the time of booking


  • Round trip transportation from Puerto Ordaz to Paraitepuy¬†
  • 1 night accommodation in cabins for two or more persons in San Francisco de Yuruan√≠ or Paraitepuy¬†
  • Specialized bilingual guide.¬†
  • Porters for food and heavy equipment (tents, kitchen, portable toilet) You can hire a personal porter who¬†can carry up to 15Kg, is contracted at the time of departure and the cost thereof shall be covered by the hiker. If required we can charge this service ahead. If you prefer to do it on sight, keep in mind¬†¬†that only cash payments are accepted for this service.¬†
  • Portable toilet¬†
  • Tents (for two people, a surcharge will be charged for single occupancy)¬†
  • All meals from the breakfast, the day of departure to lunch on the last day, total: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners. Shown in the program according to legend: B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner)¬†
  • Radio communications in emergencies and first aid.


  • Alcoholic Drinks¬†
  • Tips¬†
  • Any form of transport or activities not mentioned in the program
  • Transfer to Santa Elena at the end of the tour (the transportation is set from either Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar and back)¬†
  • Transfer by helicopter in case of emergency


  • The proposed itinerary can be modified so that the hiker, instead of returning to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar at the end of the tour, could extend his/her stay in the Gran Sabana going to Santa Elena. It can be arranged for an additional cost or a modification of the final price, adding to your package the¬†transfer to Santa Elena de Uairen and accommodation. This way you can enjoy some extra time for further exploration of¬†La Gran Sabana, in places such as "El Abismo" o "El Pauj√≠". Return to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bol√≠var is possible by Bus - Buscama. This journey is¬†usually done at night.
  • This itinerary may change depending on weather conditions at the time and the influx of visitors. The Kukenan¬†trek can be done troughout the year. The best time to visit this region is from November to July which tends to be the dryest.
  • Normally we prefer that our passengers bring their own matresses and / or sleeping bags, otherwise they can be rented before departure for a modest price.
  • When coming back from Roraima, the park rangers will make a extensive search of our luggage, so we ask all our passengers not to take any kind of stone or crystal from the summit of the tepuy, as they may be fined.
  • Bring all your trash with you, we have a portable toilet and our team of porters will bring heavier rubbish, trash bins are always placed in each of the campsites.


The Trek to Mount Kukenan can be combined with a visit to  La Gran Sabana (+3-4 days), Canaima & Angel Falls (+2-3 days), Orinoco Delta (+2-3 days), or the Caura River (+5 days). Depending on your available time and interests we can help you out desinging a combination of tours, so you’ll get the most out of the region!