Venezuela is a country of many races and ethnic groups live , all part for 500 years of an incredible process of mestizaje. 67% of the population is European , indigenous and African roots , 21% are direct descendants of Europeans, 10% are of African descent and 2% currently representing the present Indian tribes ( Guajiro , Guajibo , Piaroa , Yekuana , Yanomami , Pemon and Warao etc.)

The dominant religion is Catholic which has been adopted by 96 % of the population, including most of the indigenous population. There is a small percentage of Protestants, Jews and Muslims. There is also a significant cult , called " The Cult of Maria Lionza " which combines indigenous rituals, voodoo and African religious practices of Christianity. The official language is Castilian , but coexist with it about 25 Aboriginal languages ​​. The diversity of races and backgrounds translate into a rich culture in which music and dance become an important element of daily life , as in rites and ceremonies. Salsa and Merengue, the traditional dance known as the African ceremonial dances Joropo and dancing. Despite a great national sentiment and attachment to their own culture, you can see a great impact of Western culture and a very obvious Americanization . In general we can say that Venezuelans are happy, friendly, open and hospitable people dedicated to living life from the beginning " Hic et Nuc " ie :here and now!